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Published May 2004 & for the West Coast Tour 2005

Why the Movement Never got off the Ground

It was as if we were all in an airplane sitting on the runway and everyone on board was getting high waiting for the airplane to take off. We were high on the Summer of Love, the end of the war, the hope of a better world. The revolution and the birth of our consciences filled our hearts with vision. But when we looked out the window, all we could see was the smoke that billowed forth from our water pipes. We thought we were flying high, man; we thought we had taken off, but as the smoke cleared and we looked out the window, there we were, still on the ground. Then as we filed off the plane, we found ourselves right where we had started all those years ago; a little grayer, a lot sadder, and airsick on top of it all.

Table of Contents:

Come Together

My Elusive Dream

No one told us that Thomas More's "Utopia" wasn't real. Even if they had, we wouldn't have believed them... We couldn't find an island like in More's 16th -century dream, so we settled for something a little bit less... Haight-Ashbury!

Getting Back Together

An interview with Robert Houriet, author of the book by that name.

Radical of Radicals

A radical can only bring about a positive change in society if he himself is rooted in a life-sustaining source.

A Hippiecritical Analysis of the '60s


If we did not attain to the society of love and peace we sought, who is to blame? Most of us eventually settled for the status quo and have become what we once hated. If you have ever wondered why the Movement never got off the ground, you may find the answer in these articles.

Colors That Weren't Real

We've Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden

A Place to Belong

Communes sprang up where evryone shared everything, and returned to the simple life.We tilled the soil and planted crops, scraping at he dirt and scratching out a living. We built simple houses and started families with varying degrees of propriety.The quiet life,the simple life, the life of love and pease was our goal.

Bringing Forth Wind

Have you ever stopped to consider your life: where you’ve been and where you’re going, and what you have really accomplished in your days on the earth? It seems like so many live and die without considering the consequential effect of their life. Some have reached the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter...

The Universal Righteousness Machine

Professor Zygote had finally cracked the automation equation, paving the way for the creation of the ulti-mate machine, a machine capable of wip-ing out all forms of crime overnight -without the help of guards, policemen, detectives, lawyers, judges, juries, jailers, executioners, parole officers, alarm sys-tems, prisons, or even locks and keys. The very thought was staggering. It would truly be the ultimate machine, the law enforcement machine.

Timothy Leary's Dead

Doctor Timothy Leary began to preach the gospel of LSD and left Harvard in search of disciples. He preached that we could expand our minds, deepen our consciousness and lift ourselves out of a mundane existence. We swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.

Hope that does not Disappoint

Our Master Yahshua: Dreamer

What's in a Name

I had grown up in a society that had caused me to question everything, but somehow I had never questioned whether "Jesus" was really the Savior's name.

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